50 States, 50 Stories

The relationship between the world two largest economies can sometimes feel divorced from everyday life, but the US-China relationship has a real, tangible impact on millions of Americans every day. The two countries’ trading relationship supports US jobs, as US companies export billions in goods and services to China every year. Underneath the topline data of how much the United States as a whole exports to China are a trove of stories of the individuals whose lives depend on the relationship. From folks who work for Fortune 500 companies to small companies that specialize in things like paint or caskets, about more than a million US jobs are dependent on US-China trade. To dig into the more granular level, click on a state below to see what that area exports most to China and how many jobs are supported by those exports:

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By Kevin Xue

“There are more than 500 million English readers or learners in China,” states Steve Potash, Cleveland native and founder of OverDrive, an Ohio-based digital content distributor for libraries and schools worldwide. “If you are a publisher that wants to sell to English-speaking readers, there are more in China than in North America.”

Distributing English-language books in China is not only good business; it is also a critical avenue for facilitating deeper mutual understanding...


By Elizabeth Rowland and Boyuan Chen

US exports to China create jobs in the United States. In fact, exports by US companies to Chinese buyers supported over one million jobs in the United States, according to the US-China Business Council’s 2023 Export Report. But what about imports from China? Do they create or cost American jobs? For Devon Winter, Chief Operations Officer (COO) at F. W. Winter Inc & Co., the answer is clear—imports of intermediate ferroalloy inputs from China support the...


By Doug Barry

There may be bipartisan dismay with China in the nation's capital and distrust nearly everywhere else. Still, leaders of a school in Manhattan believe that cooperation between the world’s largest economies is inevitable and necessary.

One such leader is Morgan Jones, senior associate director of enrollment at Avenues The World School, a private institution for K-12 students. Avenues is located on Tenth Avenue but is a metaphor for going places, enabled by language immersion...

In 2020, the global economy underwent significant shifts, and the US-China commercial relationship was no exception. Early in...
By Doug Barry Fifty states, fifty stories of trade relations with China. What distinguishes these stories from the national...
The trade relationship between China and the United States has been characterized by ongoing trade disputes, retaliatory...
The US-China commercial relationship is at a crucial juncture. Over $500 billion in reciprocal tariffs remain in place,...