Choon Seong Saw

President, China
Air Products


Choon Seong Saw is president, China, at Air Products. He is responsible for leading the company’s Industrial Gases business in China. 

Mr. Saw joined Air Products in 1990 as a project manager for Sitt Tatt Industrial Gases in Malaysia, where he led several large air separation unit, carbon dioxide and hydrogen plant projects. He subsequently held the position of operations manager for the company’s air separation unit/gaseous oxygen on-site plant in Prai, Malaysia, followed by branch manager in North Malaysia, where he was responsible for Liquid Bulk and Packaged Gases business development. Mr. Saw was named Electronics business manager for Air Products Sitt Tatt Bhd then managing director for Air Products’ Malaysia business in 2003 and the combined Malaysia-Singapore business in 2005. He served as general manager for Air Products’ China Merchant business before being appointed vice president, Liquid Bulk and Generated Gases–Asia, in 2010. Mr. Saw was named vice president and general manager, Merchant Gases–Asia, in 2012, prior to assuming his current position. 

Before joining Air Products, Mr. Saw was employed by Hitachi Semiconductor as an engineer in Hitachi’s R&D Machine Development Group. 

Mr. Saw holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and computer systems engineering from Monash University (Victoria, Australia) and an MBA from the University of Bath (U.K.). 


苏俊雄先生于 1990 年加入空气产品公司,成为 Sitt Tatt Industrial Gases(马来西亚)项目经理,他领导了大型空气分离装置、二氧化碳和氢气厂等多个项目。随后他担任了公司的空气分离装置/气态氧现场装置(位于马来西亚布莱)运营经理,继而任马来西亚北部分公司经理,负责大宗液体和瓶装气体业务开发。后来苏俊雄先生被任命为空气产品公司 Sitt Tatt Bhd 电子产品业务经理,并先后于 2003 年和 2005 年成为空气产品公司马来西亚业务和马来西亚-新加坡综合业务常务董事。他担任过空气产品公司中国区商用气体业务总经理,并于 2010 年被任命为亚洲大宗液体和制取气体业务副总裁。2012 年,苏俊雄先生被任命为亚洲商用气体业务副总裁兼总经理,随后担任目前职位。


苏俊雄先生拥有莫纳什大学(位于澳大利亚维多利亚)电气和计算机系统工程学士学位以及英国巴斯大学 MBA 学位。