Jason Tang

Deputy Secretary General
Shanghai Consumer Council


Jason Tang is a renowned expert in business-consumer relations. He has extensive experience in analyzing how companies’ business model, product logic, channel operation, and marketing promotion are connected to consumers, investors, and government regulatory bodies from multiple perspectives, such as economy, law, society, and communication. This serves as the basis from which he proposes solutions for improving matching between products and markets. Mr. Tang has also published a book entitled “Rebuilding Consumer Relations: Improving Customer Experience and Crisis Management Localization”. 

Mr. Tang is also a famous domestic expert on public crisis management, engaging in dozens of public crises in consumption domain on a yearly basis, which has given him both rich theoretical and practical experience in strategy and tactics. At the same time, Mr. Tang is also the organizer of the Shanghai multinational corporation public crisis research group. 

About Shanghai Consumer Council:

Shanghai Consumer Council is a non-governmental organization that provides consumers with consultancy and inspection services on consumer rights infringement in products and services. The council covers a wide range of industries, namely, furniture, auto, healthcare, ecommerce consumer goods, agriculture and others. The committee that leads the council is composed of members from multiple domains including manufacturing, consumption, and administrative bodies. The secretariat carries out its primary responsibilities.