Liu Wanlin

Managing Director
The Carlyle Group


Wanlin Liu is a Managing Director of The Carlyle Group focused on China, including both Buyout and Growth opportunities.  She is based in Shanghai.  Prior to joining Carlyle, Ms. Liu was a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs Principal Investment Area, where she had been investing in China for 13 years, with wide experiences ranging across several industries, including healthcare, education, logistics, and financial services.  While at Goldman Sachs, Ms. Liu was a director of Neusoft Medical, Topknow Industries, Novast Pharma, and Minsheng Education.  Prior to that, Ms. Liu worked in the investment banking division at Credit Suisse. 


加入凯雷之前,刘女士是高盛投资部的董事总经理。刘女士有 13 年在中国和其他亚洲地区投资的经验,投资领域涉及多个行业,包括医疗健康,教育,物流和金融服务等。在高盛任职期间,刘女士曾

担任东软医疗, 多普乐实业和民生教育的董事。在此之前,刘女士在瑞士信贷投资银行部工作。

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