Straight from the Source: Members’ Views of USCBC

USCBC has been a reliable partner to Intralox for more than ten years, providing useful information and insight on a variety of topics, including guidance on our China footprint plan. The business-to-business introductions facilitated by USCBC have been invaluable to helping Intralox make smart, informed decisions in the dynamic and quickly changing China market. USCBC staff is knowledgeable, practical, and responsive.

Rebekah Lemm
GM Asia Pac/Director Global LMH Business Unit
Intralox Ltd


As the premier nutrition company in the world, Herbalife Nutrition values our relationship with the US-China Business Council.  The staff are responsive and well-respected in both countries. The Council’s resources are very valuable to any company that has an interest in establishing a foothold or growing their existing presence in China.

Randall Popelka
Vice President, Global Government Affairs
Herbalife Nutrition


The Council provides unparalleled opportunity to meet and collaborate with other leaders from companies who share a deep and abiding interest in conducting business in China. This is not easy to find. Equally important, USCBC is one of the most professional, customer-oriented trade organizations that we've had the pleasure to work with.

Jennifer Lawrence
Cambridge Corporate Training


China’s government and regulatory environment are among the most complex in the world and we rely on USCBC to help us navigate them. They have something to offer to a company exploring how to enter China, a new company to the market, or even a very large and established business. USCBC helps us with advice, information, and connections in China and they never fail to deliver a good product and value.

Owen Messick
doTERRA China


USCBC is an excellent platform for robust and meaningful engagement with stakeholders and policy makers who are critical to state of the US-China commercial and political relationship.

Omar A. Vargas
Global Head of Government Affairs


As one of the most influential organizations promoting US-China relations, the US-China Business Council maintains a strong network in China which makes it an effective channel for member companies to engage with the Chinese authorities and other stakeholders. Thanks to its very capable staff, the Council is also a source of timely updates and insightful reading of China’s policy dynamics. It is respected and trusted in China because of its constructive approach and understanding of member companies’ interests. At this challenging time between the US and China I believe the Council will provide even bigger value for its members.

Bei Zhang


USCBC has been extremely effective in helping IBM navigate the choppy waters that now define the US-China bilateral relationship. USCBC has an extensive network and deep bench of knowledgeable analysts and subject matter experts. They can deliver real value to members on the diverse set of issues that companies need to manage if they are to successfully do business in the constantly changing - and sometimes impenetrable - landscape of today’s China.

Debra Marks
Government and Regulatory Affairs Executive


I view USCBC as a business partner whose top concern is my company’s success. The Council’s dedicated staff has an unparalleled depth of knowledge, which helps me navigate any confusing business issue—no matter how large or small—related to operating in China. I call on the team frequently because of their speed and willingness to get me the answers I need. Through USCBC’s support, we’ve been able to build tremendous tenure and a superb business team in China.

Tom Minner
VP, Global Sales & Business Development
East Penn Manufacturing Co. Inc.


The US-China relationship is always complex and dynamic. The USCBC pays a key role in helping companies navigate the complexity and identifying the opportunities and challenges that come from this critical relationship. Among other things, the Council provides an essential forum for US companies to make their voices heard, strengthening the commercial dialogue, and delivering timely, accurate, and relevant information on both the current situation and longer-term trends. They are an invaluable resource for all who care deeply about the US-China relationship.

John W. Bruns
Boeing China


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