President and CEO of FedEx Corporation Rajesh Subramaniam Remarks on the 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner in Beijing

USCBC's 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner in Beijing

Gala Remarks - As Prepared

Rajesh Subramaniam, President and CEO, FedEx Corporation

Vice Chair, US-China Business Council


Good evening,

I’m Raj Subramaniam, President and CEO of FedEx Corp., and a Vice Chair of the US-China Business Council Board of Directors.

Thank you to the US-China Business Council for organizing the board’s trip and tonight’s event. In an auspicious coincidence, this year marks both the 50th anniversary of the US-China Business Council as well as the 50th birthday of FedEx. 

While I have visited China and our more than 11,000 FedEx team members here on many previous occasions, it is great to be back and to see the developments that have occurred since my last visit. Opportunities like this trip and the ensuing dialogue between business and government leaders are vital and reinforce the important business ties between our two nations. 

I’m honored to introduce our first keynote speaker tonight: ambassador of the United States of America to the People’s Republic of China, Nicholas Burns.

I have known Ambassador Burns for some time and have appreciated his work to strengthen the bond between the US and China since arriving in Beijing in 2022. If I were to list off all of Ambassador Burns’ previous postings and accolades from his multiple tours of service to the State Department, I would be here on stage all night. He has served six US presidents and nine secretaries of state in a diverse set of roles and posts around the world throughout his diplomatic career, including serving in high-ranking positions like undersecretary of political affairs and ambassador to NATO. In addition to his professional titles, Ambassador Burns is also a devoted husband, father, and grandfather, as well as a die-hard New England and Boston sports fan.

With that, please welcome Ambassador Burns to the stage.

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