China Market Intelligence

September 28th, 2023
By Craig Allen

Dear USCBC members,

I write to update you on recent positive bilateral developments, USCBC’s efforts on your behalf, and our expectations for the rest of this year in Washington, DC. I also write to notify you of an upcoming change in USCBC senior leadership.

September 13th, 2023
By Banny Wang and Lance Yau
The Chinese government has acknowledged the need to reverse the trend of foreign investors investing less in China. A recent list of high-level State Council opinions directs policymakers to create and enact new pro-investment measures.
September 13th, 2023
By Joseph Rafshoon
China proposals will likely be tacked on to must-pass legislation, which will dominate the legislative agenda for the remainder of the year. The House Select Committee on the CCP and Senator Chuck Schumer’s China policy package will both influence congressional action on China. 
September 13th, 2023
By John Clark
US and Chinese airlines are gradually increasing flights between both countries. China’s recent cancelation of its pre-departure COVID testing policy and announcement of a new visa visa-on-arrivalcy will make business travel to China more convenient.
August 31st, 2023
By John Clark, with assistance from Gavin Fu and Haoting Luo

US-China bilateral trade in goods saw a sharp contraction during the first half of 2023 after reaching a record high the year prior. The contraction in bilateral trade occurred amid a broader, albeit more modest, contraction in US-worldwide trade in goods, stemming from global and domestic economic woes that have led the WTO, IMF, and World Bank to forecast slower growth for global trade in 2023.

August 31st, 2023
By Annie Whitehurst

In 2020, the Chinese government sought to rein in real estate developers’ high debt levels with the introduction of the “three red lines,” which imposed borrowing limits on real estate firms. While the move was meant to stabilize the industry, developers and local governments alike have been under financial pressure as developers face declining property sales and local governments see decreasing revenue from land sales.

August 31st, 2023
By Zach Tomatz
The commission has held its inaugural meeting, fulfilling a key task laid out at this year’s National People's Congress. The commission will run China’s S&T initiatives, which include orienting the country’s research-to-commercialization pipeline toward state-selected sectors.
August 10th, 2023
By Rory Murphy, Joseph Rafshoon, and Annie Whitehurst

On August 9, the Biden administration released its long-expected executive order (EO) on outbound investment, along with an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) from the Treasury Department. While the EO is narrower than other proposals seen in recent years, it still represents a significant change in US policy.

August 2nd, 2023
By Shandao Zhou and June Xu

In recent months, China has seen significant high-level personnel changes at both central and provincial levels. On July 28, Liu Liehong (刘烈宏), the former chair of state-owned telecom firm China Unicom, was appointed as the inaugural chief of the newly established National Data Bureau.

August 2nd, 2023
By Zach Tomatz and Lance Yau

On March 16, the CCP Central Committee and the State Council released a reform plan for Party and state institutions as part of the annual Two Sessions conference. The plan calls for the creation of a new data regulator, which this article refers to as the National Data Bureau, to consolidate the management of China’s burgeoning data markets.