China Market Intelligence

December 14th, 2016
By USCBC staff

China’s top leaders are expected to prioritize supply-side structural reform, stabilizing economic growth, and improving people’s livelihood a

December 14th, 2016
By Meg Kelly

The 15th anniversary of China’s accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) was marked with a fresh trade dispute Monday after the United

December 14th, 2016
By David Solomon

The newly released

November 30th, 2016

A week has passed since the conclusion of the US-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT), but the

November 30th, 2016
Ziyang Yin and Nick Marro

Minimum wages in China’s major cities rose in 2016, signaling the continued development of an emerging consumer class as much as increasing pr

November 30th, 2016
Jake Laband

Companies operating in some of China’s major cities are facing significant cost increases following a change to employment social security fu

November 9th, 2016
Meg Kelly

As President-elect Donald Trump prepares for his move to the Oval Office as the 45th US president, a review of his campaign stances on China a

November 9th, 2016
Meg Kelly and Jake Laband

As the US political season enters the phase of transition to a new administration, China’s political season is gearing up with an eye on the C


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We are tracking over 150 commitments—several of which had never been offered before—on items ranging from market access to improving intellectual property rights protection and administrative reforms.