China Market Intelligence

March 18th, 2020
By Chris Miller

After years of under-regulation in online retail, China’s Ecommerce Law officially entered into force at the start of 2019. Although the law introduced sweeping reforms, the industry did not experience overnight change. China’s State Administration of Market Regulation (SAMR), the supervisory authority behind the law, has instead maintained a steady drip of measures and policies designed to implement and clarify various provisions of the Ecommerce Law. The result has been a more predictable...

January 22nd, 2020
By Antonio Douglas

Nearly three years after the Cybersecurity Law went into effect, regulatory clarity remains elusive, including around the MLPS 2.0. Many companies are conducting self-evaluations, with a few filing directly with MLPS 2.0.

September 4th, 2019
By Erin Slawson

When Hong Kong was returned to China by the United Kingdom in 1997, it was supposed to maintain its independent social, legal, and economic systems until at least 2047. This served as the basis for the United States-Hong Kong Policy Act passed in 1992, which upholds that the United States continue to treat Hong Kong separately from the mainland for trade, export controls, and other purposes, unless the president determines through an executive order that Hong Kong is no longer sufficiently...

February 27th, 2019
By USCBC Staff

In meetings over the past week, the US-China Business Council (USCBC) met in Beijing and Shanghai with senior representatives from the National People’s Congress Legislative Working Committee, which is responsible for drafting the Foreign Investment Law, to discuss USCBC’s recommendations.

December 12th, 2018
By Ricky Altieri

China’s new Intellectual Property (IP) Court will bring much needed subject matter expertise to adjudicate technical IP cases between foreign and domestic companies when it begins operations January 1.

November 7th, 2018
By Anna Ashton

The US-China Business Council (USCBC) and several other trade associations submitted joint comments on provisions regarding personal information and data privacy protection in China’s

May 16th, 2018
By USCBC Staff

China’s top leaders recently announced that its massive government reorganization has entered the second phase.

May 16th, 2018
By Meg Kelly and Anna Ashton

The Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) is approaching a May 21 deadline to update President Donald Trump on its World Trade Organization (WTO) case against discriminatory Chinese licensing practices related to technology transfer and protection of intellectual property rights (IPR).

March 21st, 2018
By Jack Kamensky

China has created a new agency with broadened investigatory authority to streamline anti-corruption efforts.

January 3rd, 2018
By David Solomon

Intensifying nationwide environmental enforcement is affecting foreign company supply chain management, compliance, and reporting procedures in China, according to USCBC sources.


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