China Market Intelligence

April 10th, 2019
By Shen Wang and Yan Yu
China’s State Council announced that it will be reducing the tax rate on a variety of daily consumer goods, including books, cameras, and bicycles.
March 27th, 2019
By Ricky Altieri

This year’s National People’s Congress (NPC) which took place March 5-15 included a few key announcements that may provide a window into the business environment in the coming year.

March 5th, 2019
By USCBC Staff

Premier Li Keqiang announced that China will reduce the value-added tax (VAT) rate in manufacturing, construction, and transportation and increase spending on infrastructure. The move will benefit both domestic and foreign businesses operating in China.

September 20th, 2018
By Chynna Hawes

On September 7, the 13th National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC), China’s constitutional authority, released its five-year legislative plan, outlining and prioritizing major legislative tasks into three classes that, in princi

March 7th, 2018
By Owen Haacke

Eighty-nine percent of US-China Business Council (USCBC) member companies view rising costs as a top concern in the China market, according to USCBC’s 2017 Member Survey.

March 7th, 2018
By Owen Haacke

US companies in China are assessing the impact of US tax reform on their China operations, US tax obligations, and global strategy.

April 27th, 2016
Owen Haacke

China recently issued new rules that that offer mixed implications for foreign company qualification for innovation-related tax breaks.

March 4th, 2015
Ryan Ong

Looking to take full advantage of the China market, foreign companies are increasingly seeking out new ways to develop and leverage their intellectual property (IP) in China. Those strategies can range from licensing IP to a China-based subsidiary, joint venture, or other business partner to joint technology development agreements.

February 18th, 2015
Owen Haacke

New openings for foreign investment and preferential taxes for goods sold through pilot e-commerce channels have raised questions about how companies can integrate e-commerce into their business plans in China.

January 21st, 2015
Lingling Jiang

At the end of December 2014, China’s State Council asked local governments across the country to review and eliminate many preferential policies for foreign and domestic investment, from special land pricing to local tax rebates.