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Press Releases

Decoupling with China Not Economically Viable For Americans

As the Biden administration takes the reins of US trade policy, the question of what to do with existing tariffs on Chinese goods in the long term remains up in the air. According to a new report from Oxford Economics and the US-China Business Council, the answer is clear—even a moderate reduction in tariffs would lead to an additional $160 billion in real GDP and 145,000 additional US jobs by 2025. Failing to put an end to the festering trade war—or worse, pursuing significant decoupling with China—...

USCBC Statement on Executive Order on Chinese Applications

The American business community supports the administration’s efforts to protect American citizens’ privacy and data. The US-China Business Council (USCBC) understands that President Trump’s January 5 executive order regarding transactions with mobile applications aims to achieve this goal. However, it is vital that this executive order be scoped and enforced in such a way that protects US citizens’ legitimate interests, but does not unnecessarily harm US company competitiveness in international markets...

USCBC in the News

The story of Xi Jinping’s oldest friendship in the US, and what it shows

Poll data released in August by the US-China Business Council showed that up to 83 percent of its companies counted China as either the top or among the top five priorities for their corporate global strategy. The trade group represents more than 200 US companies that do business with China.

Mainland Investors Insatiable Appetite For Hong Kong Stocks

“The US-China Business Council sponsored Oxford Economics to calculate the toll of tariffs on the US economy in a recently released report. I’ll provide an overview tomorrow, but a fairly damning critique of tariff policies.”

Yellen leaves door open to keep China tariffs - for now - but says US needs to work with allies

Sen. Cantwell criticized the tariffs, citing a US-China Business Council study by Oxford University economists that found Trump's trade war caused a peak loss of 245,000 American jobs. She also pointed to a study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Columbia University that found the trade war cut the market capitalization of US companies by $1.7 trillion and decreased investment growth by 1.9% last year.