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Press Releases

US Exports to China Made a Comeback in 2020 as Phase One Bolstered Trade

“These exports mean support for American businesses and families, which could not be more important right now,” said USCBC President Craig Allen. “Ultimately, though, the best remedy for boosting trade and creating more US jobs is for both the United States and China to permanently remove tariffs,” Allen continued. “Exclusions are only a temporary solution.”

China’s Premier Li Keqiang Meets with American Business Leaders

American business leaders met virtually with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang today to discuss China’s investment environment, industry’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, bilateral commercial relations, and people-to-people exchanges. Premier Li shared perspectives on China’s recent parliamentary meetings, economic reform trajectory, and views on US-China relations.

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Hong Kong Internet Rebounds Overnight

China’s June imports are interesting as they show how well business people appear to get along but how poorly politicians are at communicating. China’s June imports from the US went up +37.6% year-over-year, Taiwan +32.6%, EU +34.1% and Australia +53.5%. The US-China Business Council recently reported that Texas overtook California as the top exporting state to China (LNG, oil).

Major Chinese Companies Caught in Squeeze Play Between Beijing, US

“Some decoupling is underway and seems inevitable,” said Doug Barry, a spokesperson for the US-China Business Council. “The whole relationship is at an inflection point.” “To avoid a major split, China in particular will have to change course in ways that at the moment seem very unlikely,” Barry said. “Our companies that are in China report continued good earnings from their operations there but are increasingly concerned about the future because of the deteriorating bilateral relationship. New...

Hong Kong Has Gotten Seriously Risky for International Business

Business groups, including the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and the US-China Business Council, should also support the Biden administration in its efforts to press Beijing to change course on its increasingly hard-line Hong Kong policy. In years past, Beijing has been able to count on the US business community to push successive administrations and key members of Congress to soft-pedal human rights violations by Beijing.