CDF Dialogue with Craig Allen | Bridges between China and the US needs continuous work and improvement

"The first thing I'd like to say is that the trade war is not because I came to USCBC, and indeed, I left a career in government because I thought that our trade policies were not helpful to the American economy and the American people. So I was delighted to come into this job at that time. And I have to say that times evolve in policies and focus points do change. And that while we have always tried to promote economic and commercial engagement, increase trade and investment going both ways that our focal points have shifted. I think if one were to put this into sports terms, before, we would play a lot of offense. We would try to help companies enter into the market and expand their trade. Today, we're playing a little bit more defense, trying to encourage laws that allow companies to fully manifest their potential in each other's markets. So, while it's not so much fun to move from offense to defense, it's important in every game."