Chinese informal retaliation against US goods possible

US-China Business Council Senior Vice President Erin Ennis noted that China is implementing retaliatory tariffs against 85% of US exports and said there’s “always a possibility” that China will find other ways to retaliate. “When we began this process on [Section] 301, China said that it was willing to retaliate both quantitatively and qualitatively,” Ennis said. While quantitative retaliation takes the form of tariffs, qualitative retaliation could take the form of things like increased inspections, difficulty in getting licenses and “inexplicable” delays and investigations for environmental compliance, she said. “All very likely could be used as that qualitative retaliation, but at this point, it hasn’t been named that, so it may just be what it’s like to do business in China,” Ennis said. China has consistently been a difficult place to do business, making it difficult to determine whether China has started qualitative retaliation, she said.