Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuang's Regular Press Conference on September 20, 2019

The US-China Business Council recently released the 2019 District Export Report, showing with abundant data changes in US states and voting districts' export of goods and services to China in the past decade. The report concludes that China remains a critical export market for American manufacturers and service providers. However, rising uncertainty in trade disputes and bilateral tensions are negatively impacting the commercial opportunities China presents for American companies. What's your comment? A: We note this report. Its findings are representative to some extent, showing the concerns of the US business community and localities about the worsening trade friction with China, and expectations for a proper settlement through negotiation. According to the report, due to China-US trade disputes, the year 2018 saw falling export of goods to China in 265 voting districts, of which 157 had double-digit falls. The mid-west region and plains exporting soybean and other agricultural products are the worst hit. In 2017, 100 voting districts registered decreases in export of services to China, whereas in 2016, 380 districts enjoyed double-digit or faster growth.