U.S. business circle calls for spurring investment treaty talks with China

The U.S. business community Tuesday called on American and Chinese leaders to move forward with negotiations on a bilateral investment treaty (BIT) between the two countries and strengthening bilateral business ties. In a letter sent to U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping, which was signed by 94 American chief executive officers(CEOs), U.S. business leaders expressed their firm support for "the rapid conclusion of a meaningful and high-standard BIT" between the two countries, and asked the two presidents to underscore the importance of the BIT during Xi's upcoming state visit to the United States. "America's business leaders have sent a strong, unified message to President Xi and President Obama supporting a high-standard U.S.-China Bilateral Investment Treaty," USCBC President John Frisbie said in a statement. "The BIT should be the top commercial focus during President Xi's visit."