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The Wednesday meeting attendees, which also included leaders from major nonprofit organizations such as the National Committee on US-China Relations and US-China Business Council, applauded recent measures rolled out by Beijing aimed at further reform and opening up, and expressed support for efforts bolstering exchanges and communication, the foreign ministry statement said.


The US-China Business Council said in a press release that it “was honored to be invited to and participate in the dialogue with President Xi to discuss our concerns over the decline in trade, investment, and business confidence, as well as our desire to help improve engagement and commercial exchange between our two countries.”


The US-China Business Council said in a statement that its members at the meeting stressed the importance for China to rebalance its economy by boosting consumption. It also emphasized that the Chinese government should address US business concerns about how to ship data out of China and issues with regulatory transparency. The U.S. and China recorded $575 billion in two-way trade in 2023.

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