Trade Negotiators Should Keep Working. Differences Can and Must be Bridged.

WASHINGTON - May 10, 2019 - While there are likely many outstanding issues that need to be worked out, it appears that the largest points of contention between the two governments center on the issues that are at the core of what American companies want in an agreement: substantive, legally-binding changes to Chinese policies that create an unlevel playing field for foreign companies and a plan for the removal of tariffs.
We believe that these issues can be addressed in ways that meet both governments’ interests, as well as the interests of American companies. We continue to encourage US and Chinese negotiators to find that path and halt any further tariff increases.
US-China Business Council members have supported the United States’ prioritization of intellectual property, technology transfer and market access issues that affect the ability of foreign companies to compete in China. As we have stated from the outset, our members want an agreement that includes measurable, commercially meaningful outcomes. Any substantive agreement must also include a plan of action as progress is made to reduce and ultimately remove the tariffs that both sides have imposed.

We encourage our negotiators to reach a substantive agreement as soon as possible before additional jobs are lost.