USCBC Releases Recommendations to Improve China’s Cybersecurity Policies

Contact in Beijing:
Jake Parker ([email protected]; 86-10-6512-5854)

Contact in Washington, DC:
Katherine Thompson ([email protected]; 202-429-0340)

Washington, D.C. (February 5, 2018) - The US-China Business Council (USCBC) today released its Updated Recommendations to Improve China’s Information Technology Environment, which offer concrete suggestions for revisions to the IT regulatory framework in China. This report is available in both Chinese and English.

The recommendations are based on interviews with dozens of information technology executives at U.S. companies operating in China. Executives expressed concern about China’s emerging cyber policy framework that imposes requirements to localize data, restricts cross-border data flow, and requires increasingly onerous domestic technology procurement requirements. These challenges make it difficult for American and Chinese companies to integrate China IT solutions with their global operations.

“International companies use global technology platforms to maximize the efficiency, security, and interoperability of their systems and operations around the world,” said USCBC President John Frisbie. “Implementing unique technology for a single country in a global network will increase the risks that a company’s systems could be infiltrated or compromised.”

We are also concerned by the linkage in these policies of network security to import substitution strategies,” Frisbie continued. “The Cybersecurity Law and related implementing regulations seem to indicate that China’s cyber security policies seek to exclude global ICT technologies and services from much of the China market.”

To ensure the strongest data and IT systems security, China should look to the best practices and expertise offered by all companies and developed and tested through global experience,” said Frisbie.

For more of USCBC’s recommendations, click here.

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