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Press Releases

US Exports to China Made a Comeback in 2020 as Phase One Bolstered Trade

“These exports mean support for American businesses and families, which could not be more important right now,” said USCBC President Craig Allen. “Ultimately, though, the best remedy for boosting trade and creating more US jobs is for both the United States and China to permanently remove tariffs,” Allen continued. “Exclusions are only a temporary solution.”

China’s Premier Li Keqiang Meets with American Business Leaders

American business leaders met virtually with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang today to discuss China’s investment environment, industry’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, bilateral commercial relations, and people-to-people exchanges. Premier Li shared perspectives on China’s recent parliamentary meetings, economic reform trajectory, and views on US-China relations.

USCBC in the News

Trump’s TikTok, WeChat Actions Targeting China Revoked by Biden

The WeChat app, in particular, is widely used by US companies that do business in China. The US-China Business Council, which represents many of those companies, said it didn’t have enough information about the new executive order to comment on the security provisions. But the group did say the White House should work to establish global agreements on data flows and privacy. “Without international agreements, there’s a real danger that individual country data flows and privacy protection policies will...

Senate Passes Bill to Address Competition From China. What It Means For US Relations With Beijing.

The legislative package and efforts to strengthen domestic supply chains also raise questions about whether the US is on the path toward a semblance of the industrial policy makers have criticized countries like China for pursuing—especially given its bipartisan support. “It seems like we are in the middle of this process where we are questioning some of our assumptions,” says Anna Ashton, vice president of government affairs at the US-China Business Council.

What Business Relations Between US And China Mean For Leaders In 2021

“To increase market share and corporate growth, I advise professionals to consider appealing to the new Chinese middle-class customer base. In fact, I often remind my clients to heed the projections of the Chinese middle-class, which is expected to exceed the entire population of the US by 2026, according to the US-China Business Council. If you’re expanding your business reach to target the Chinese middle-class consumer, the next few years should incorporate a strategic plan proving your offering is...