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Press Releases

USCBC Welcomes Back Kyle Sullivan as New Head of Business Advisory Services in DC Office

WASHINGTON—May 31, 2023—US-China Business Council (USCBC) President Craig Allen today welcomed Kyle Sullivan as vice president of business advisory services in the Washington, DC, office.

“We are excited to have Kyle return to USCBC and lead our business advisory services team in the DC office. He brings a deep understanding of China’s evolving economic environment having worked as a policy and business issues analyst and consultant in both the US and China,” said Allen. Sullivan previously...

USCBC Releases Report on US Exports to China

The US-China Business Council (USCBC) today released its latest report, US Exports to China, an annual report that overviews the most recent data available on US goods and services exports to China, as well as the American jobs supported by those exports. The report includes detailed information on exports from every US state and congressional district to China. USCBC is a US-headquartered trade association of more than 270 American companies, including some of the most iconic brands

USCBC in the News

South Dakota, China And Economic Ties

But there is that business aspect which undercuts our perceptions of reality in many sobering ways. For instance, according to a report by the US-China Business Council, China is South Dakota’s top market for exported goods, most of which is agricultural in nature. In 2017, this state exported $804 million in goods to China, which was enough to support 9,600 jobs here. Amid the tariff wars during President Donald Trumps’ tenure, South Dakota lost $370 million in exports intended for China, according to...

'Xi Jinping's guy': Longtime acolyte Li set to be China's next premier

Craig Allen, president of the US-China Business Council and a former US official, said Li sought to level the playing field for foreign businesses, pointing to the speed with which US carmaker Tesla was able to get its Shanghai factory there operational in 2019. "Clearly nothing got in the way once a decision was made. There was a clarity of a kind in his decision making, an authority, and that really helps," said Allen, describing Li as comfortable in his own skin.

Democrats and Republicans agree on China. That’s a problem.

Completely unmentioned were all the benefits of trade with China. The US-China Business Council notes: “American companies exported $192 billion in goods and services to China in 2021, constituting 7.5 percent of US exports … Exports to China support over 1 million US jobs.” Meanwhile, cheap Chinese exports have fueled US prosperity — and, until recently, with low inflation.