Member News Update

May 16th, 2019
By USCBC Staff

Photo courtesy of A4-Nieuws

The US Commerce Department on Wednesday evening added Huawei and its 68 affiliates to its “Entity List,” a move that bars US companies from selling or transferring American technology to the telecommunications giant without first acquiring a license. Citing earlier indictments against Huawei, Commerce argued that Huawei poses risks to American security interests. The addition of Huawei to the Entity List took effect immediately, with the...

May 14th, 2019
By USCBC Staff

On Monday night, the Office of US Trade Representative (USTR) officially announced in a Federal Register Notice its plan to impose a 25 percent tariff on the remaining $300 billion of Chinese imports not yet subject to tariffs. Like the previous rounds of tariffs imposed under Section 301, the $300 billion list will follow a public comment process and a public hearing on June 17, after which interested parties will have seven days to submit post-hearing comments. Given the timeline...

May 13th, 2019
By USCBC Staff

Trade tensions between the United States and China escalated today when China announced its retaliation against the US tariff increase from last week. At the same time, China announced the creation of an exclusion process for its retaliatory tariff lists. The United States is preparing to impose additional tariffs on all remaining Chinese imports not yet subject to tariffs, on top of its tariff rate hike to 25 percent on the $200 billion list. Both sides are still engaged in...

May 8th, 2019
By USCBC Staff

A Federal Register notice that has been released confirms the United States will follow through on threats to raise tariffs this week. Duties on $200 billion of Chinese goods will increase from 10 percent to 25 percent, effective Friday, May 10. The unpublished version is available here; it is scheduled to be officially published tomorrow. While it has not released an official announcement of its own, China is expected to increase its retaliatory tariffs on US exports as soon as the US...

May 7th, 2019
By USCBC Staff

China’s Ministry of Commerce confirmed on Tuesday that Vice Premier Liu He will still lead a Chinese delegation to Washington, DC, for negotiations this Thursday and Friday, despite impending tariff increases on $200 billion of Chinese goods. USCBC sources said on Tuesday that Liu’s delegation may be smaller than the 100 members that were originally expected.

On Monday afternoon, US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin spoke to media about the...

December 4th, 2018

After a meeting between Presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump after the G20 summit in Buenos Aires this weekend, the United States and China announced a temporary ceasefire on tariff increases and agreed to further talks on trade issues. The two governments have characterized the outcomes of the discussions differently, however, and the agenda of the negotiations, which the United States said will last for 90 days, are unclear.

The press statements differed on the conditions...

November 7th, 2018
By Erin Ennis and Angela Deng

Trade was not a major factor in Tuesday’s US elections, but the change in control of the House of Representatives may embolden Congress to take a more active role in trade policy making for the next two years.

Democrats gained 28 seats to win control of House of Representatives, but Republicans retained and slightly expanded their majority in the Senate by at least two seats; the winners in several races has yet to be determined due to close results. With divided control of Congress...

September 24th, 2018
By USCBC Staff

In response to the imposition of new rounds of tariffs by both the United States and China, USCBC President Craig Allen released the following statement:

"It is time to bring this dispute to an end. Both the US and Chinese governments should suspend the tariffs they have put in place and do the hard work of negotiating a solution to the legitimate issues raised in the United States' investigation of China's intellectual property and technology transfer policies. As we have stated at...

September 19th, 2018
By USCBC Staff
American companies face significant challenges in their business operations with China due to trade tensions, but the market remains one of the most important to their bottom lines. These are among the findings of The US-China Business Council’s (USCBC) 2018 Member Survey, released today.   Regulatory issues present a significant challenge for foreign companies in China: issues such as those highlighted in the administration’s Section 301 report. At the same time, USCBC’s survey also highlights...
September 18th, 2018
By USCBC Staff

In response to the finalization of US tariffs targeting $200 billion of Chinese exports, China on Wednesday announced that it would proceed with tariffs on $60 billion of US exports. The US-China Business Council (USCBC) announced its opposition to the move.

In a statement today, China’s Ministry of Finance (MOF) said that it will implement additional tariffs of 5 or 10 percent on 5,207 goods September 24, the same day that the United States’ $200 billion tariff list is implemented....