PRCG Government Quarterly Personnel Update

As part of its ongoing coverage of government changes and new leadership appointments, USCBC has compiled updated biographies for key government officials.


Xi Jinping 习近平

Vice President

Wang Qishan 王岐山


Li Keqiang 李克强

Executive Vice Premier

Han Zheng 韩正

Vice Premier

Sun Chunlan 孙春兰

Vice Premier

Hu Chunhua 胡春华

Vice Premier

Liu He 刘鹤

State Councillor and Minister of Defense

Wei Fenghe 魏凤和

State Councillor

Wang Yong 王勇

State Councillor and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Wang Yi 王毅

State Councillor and Secretary General of the State Council

Xiao Jie 肖捷

State Councillor and Minister of Public Security

Zhao Kezhi 赵克志

National Reform and Development Commission Chair

He Lifeng 何立峰

Minister of Science and Technology

Wang Zhigang 王志刚

Minister of Industry and Information Technology

Miao Wei 苗圩

Minister of Justice

Fu Zhenghua 傅政华

Minister of Finance

Liu Kun 刘昆

Minister of Human Resources and Social Security

Zhang Jinan 张纪南

Minister of Natural Resources

Lu Hao 陆昊

Minister of Ecological Environment

Li Ganjie 李干杰

Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

Wang Menghui 王蒙徽

Minister of Transportation

Li Xiaopeng 李小鹏

Minister of Water Resources

E Jingping 鄂竟平

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Han Changfu 韩长赋

Minister of Commerce

Zhong Shan 钟山

National Health Commission Chair

Ma Xiaowei 马晓伟

People’s Bank of China Governor

Yi Gang 易纲

National Supervisory Commission Chair

Yang Xiaodu 杨晓渡

State Market Regulatory Administration Director

Zhang Mao 张茅

China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission Director

Guo Shuqing 郭树清