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USCBC's featured reports are made available to the public. Here are recent reports on important issues facing the US-China commerical relationship.

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USCBC 2018 Member Survey

Despite positive commercial gains in the last year, American companies have strong concerns about the increasingly rocky US-China relationship and implications for the business environment in China. American companies are less optimistic about China's...


2018 State Exports Report

Executive Summary

Exports to China continue to be important to US economic growth


Invest in the US - May 25, 2018

Chinese investment in the United States has been frequently in the news in the first half of 2018, with several proposed changes on the table in the executive branch as well as Congress. Despite the deals announced by President Trump during his trip...


Optimizing Connectivity: Updated Recommendations to Improve China’s Information Technology Environment

Since China’s Cybersecurity Law came into effect in June of 2017, the government has implemented a series of cybersecurity regulations with wide-ranging consequences for foreign and domestic companies operating in China.


USCBC 2017 China Business Environment Member Survey

The US-China Business Council has released the key findings of its 2017 Annual Member Survey. For the past 12 years, USCBC has polled its members on their business...


China's 2017 Communist Party Leadership Structure & Transition

The upcoming 19th National Party Congress in China is expected to mark the beginning of President Xi Jinping’s second, five-year term as China’s top leader and set in motion a series of changes to senior positions within the party and government. The...