China begins restructuring of key government agencies overseeing healthcare, IPR, financial services and agriculture, among others

China’s government will undergo a massive overhaul that officials say will make the government “bet



New investment openings for China’s Free Trade Zones; Nationwide liberalizations await revised catalogue

On Friday, China’s State Council released a revised list of investment restrictions that may allow companies in a number of industries additional market access in the 11 designated free trade zones (FTZs) around the country. The revised negative list, which names sectors that retain foreign investment restriction,  goes into effect on July 10, 2017.  


Banking Measure Marks Critical Step Towards Financial Reform in China

After decades of deliberation, China instituted a deposit insurance scheme on May 1 that protects RMB and foreign currency deposits of up to RMB 500,000 ($80,500) from bank defaults. This new safety net eliminates the central government’s de facto backing of China’s banking system and shifts liability for lending decisions to the banks themselves.


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