Rising Costs Continue to be a Challenge for US Companies in China

Eighty-nine percent of US-China Business Council (USCBC) member companies view rising costs as a top concern in the China market, according to USCBC’s 2017 Member Survey. Costs have been a top concern for China operations for more than a decade.

Labor is the top cost for companies


7 Best Practices for Complying with China’s Cybersecurity Law

Enforcement of China’s Cybersecurity Law (CSL) began at the beginning of this month, but questions remain about how companies should comply with the myriad requirements of the law and its related measures, standards, and other regulations. Following conversations with company executives and service providers, the US-China Business Council (USCBC) developed a brief list of best practices to help accelerate internal compliance plan development.


WeChat at Work: Maintaining Compliance in the Social Media Age

Modern tools like WeChat, the world’s largest instant messaging service, allow companies in China to communicate more efficiently, make quick internal decisions, and close sales on the go. However, embracing new communication technologies in China also presents new challenges for companies in maintaining compliance with US and Chinese anti-corruption legislation. As social media platforms like WeChat become the new standard for communication, it is becoming more difficult for managers to monitor conversations to spot possible violations of company policy.



New Law Will Reshape Advertising Strategies in China

Companies are thinking through their advertising strategies—from whom they choose to appear in their ads, to how they phrase disclaimers, to where they advertise—in preparation for a revised law that will come into effect this fall. The amendments to China’s two-decades-old Advertising Law will require companies to reevaluate their advertising strategies to ensure compliance with the law, while maintaining consistent and strong brand messaging.


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