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China’s Laissez-Faire Economic Policy Mimics ‘Reaganomics’

When President Xi Jinping suggested in November a shift to “supply-side economic growth,” he set in motion a flurry of domestic and international media speculation on a potential new course for China’s economic policy. A relatively new term for China’s senior leaders, supply-side economics aims to address factors of China’s slowing economic growth, particularly the investment-led approach historically favored by its economic policymakers.


China Zeroes-In On Sustainable Growth

At the Chinese government’s last major meeting of the year, leaders committed to structural reforms and policies to stabilize a slowing economy. The Central Economic Work Conference (CEWC), which was Friday through Monday in Beijing, is an annual meeting of China’s top policymakers that sets economic goals for the coming year and is often an indication of policy priorities.


Does the New Market Access Negative List System Indicate Opening Up?

China has announced further details about plans to gradually decrease government control over investment decisions. The Opinions on Implementing the Market Access Negative List System, a document released by the State Council on October 19, 2015, offer a firmer roadmap towards adopting a “negative list” approach in China, which would allow foreign investment in all fields except those expressly restricted.


Curbing State-Controlled Prices: Does it Level the Playing Field?

Government-mandated price controls, once a hallmark of China’s socialist economy, may soon be abolished for all but a small number of products and services. On October 12, China’s State Council issued a plan to remove government control of prices of some goods and services in competitive industries by 2017 and create a market-oriented pricing system by 2020.


A Rough Road: What the Latest Numbers Say About China’s Economy

This year has been a challenging one for China’s economy. In recent months, the world’s second-largest economy has been marked by decelerations in both manufacturing and trade, an attention-grabbing stock market sell-off, and an unexpected currency devaluation, stoking concerns about how China will balance efforts to promote steady economic growth while continuing ongoing economic reforms.


Economic Reforms Under the Microscope: USCBC Report Shows Limited Progress

As US and Chinese officials prepare for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s late September visit to the United States and bilateral discussions on a range of political and economic issues, the latest US-China Business Council (USCBC) scorecard reveals that China’s efforts to promote economic reform continue to have only a limited impact on the top concerns of American companies.


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