State Council Legislative Priorities Highlight Key Issues for 2018

The General Office of the State Council’s legislative work plan for 2018 indicates that several policies affecting foreign companies may be revised this year, including foreign investment restrictions, ecommerce, tax, and environmental regulations.


Central Environmental Inspections Nail Thousands of Violators

Thousands of companies have moved, shut down, or reduced capacity since China’s central government increased inspections in their implementation of the 2015 Environmental Protection Law. A variety of additional environmental regulations have been released since the law’s enactment and promise a sharp uptick in environmental inspections, which could have far-reaching conseq


2016 S&ED: Critical Issues Raised in Lead-up to G20

During the eighth Strategic & Economic Dialogue which concluded early this week in Beijing — the final round for the Obama administration, China said it would offer a revised Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) negative list next week in Washington, DC, according to statements made by Vice Premier Wang Yang and Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew.



13th Five-Year Plan Stresses Economic Restructuring

The PRC National People’s Congress concluded this month with the release of China’s 13th Five-Year Plan (FYP) on National Economic and Social Development. Outlining economic policies and targets to drive industry development in China through 2020, the plan focuses on maintaining economic growth and social stability while continuing reform efforts.


Energy and Environment: Front and Center Ahead of UN Meetings

Following President Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States last month, the US and China announced a list of energy and environmental-related commitments aimed on cutting down on high-polluting, energy-intensive power and supporting the development of environmental technologies—presenting potential opportunities for companies in these sectors.


Clearing the Air on China’s Legislative, Market Fixes for Environmental Protection

Concerns about China’s environmental degradation continue to grow, prompting both government and industry to reduce environmental pollution. Six months after the enactment of China’s new Environmental Protection Law (EPL), the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has shown the new teeth of the EPL by leveling hefty fines on a number of major polluters.


China’s New Environmental Enforcement Regime: Ambitious Plans and Policies

The spotlight on stronger environmental protection shows little sign of abating in the months since the January 2015 implementation of China’s revised Environmental Protection Law (EPL). Discussions on the 13th Five-Year Plan (FYP) (2016-2020) priorities for environmental protection, the draft Environmental Tax Law, and tougher enforcement measures all aim to increase pressure on polluters.


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