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Final Ecommerce Law Passed, Effective January 2019

The Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress passed China’s Ecommerce Law on August 31, creating a framework for regulating China’s rapidly growing ecommerce market. The law takes effect January 1, 2019. Guidance on implementation of the law, as well as for cross-border ecommerce, will be released later.


Central and Provincial Leadership Changes and Restructuring Implementation

The reshuffle of China’s ministries during its most recent government restructuring has brought significant changes to China’s government leadership at central and local levels. This update covers leadership changes over the past quarter and highlights those related to the restructuring.


China begins restructuring of key government agencies overseeing healthcare, IPR, financial services and agriculture, among others

China’s government will undergo a massive overhaul that officials say will make the government “bet



Clearing the Air on China’s Legislative, Market Fixes for Environmental Protection

Concerns about China’s environmental degradation continue to grow, prompting both government and industry to reduce environmental pollution. Six months after the enactment of China’s new Environmental Protection Law (EPL), the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) has shown the new teeth of the EPL by leveling hefty fines on a number of major polluters.


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