US-China Economic Dialogue Concludes, USCBC Hosts Vice Premier

First Meeting of US-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue Concludes, No Statements Issued Yet
American and Chinese government delegations met today in the first US-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue (CED). The dialogue ended at 4:30 pm Washington, DC time today (June 19), but no statements on outcomes have been issued as this update goes to press. Chinese government sources have indicated that the Chinese delegation will hold a press conference at 8:00 pm DC (8:00 am Thursday Beijing).



What to expect in the final National People’s Congress meeting

China’s legislative body is expected to deviate from the typical economic agenda when it convenes March 5 for its final session before the 19th Communist Party Congress in the fall. Instead, the focus will be on preparing for the Party Congress and a leadership shuffle for President Xi Jinping’s second five-year term.



New Year, New High-Level Leadership Changes

The start of 2016 brought several personnel shifts in China’s central government, including in agencies responsible for publishing economic data and for taxation, financial system, and state-owned enterprise (SOE) regulation.

Notable recent personnel changes include:


Government Affairs in China: Should Foreign Companies Lawyer Up?

US companies conducting government affairs (GA) in China face a wide range of challenges in interacting with government regulators and policy stakeholders. Factors like China’s anti-corruption campaign and increasing decentralization were discussed in US-China Business Council’s (USCBC) October 2014 report on best practices in stakeholder engagement.


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