Reform in China’s Pharmaceuticals Sector - What the Doctor Ordered?

Fewer restrictions on drug pricing and greater access for foreign companies may make for a healthier China, and bring both potential growth and growing pains to the pharmaceutical industry—a sector analysts expect to be worth upwards of $300 billion by 2020.



Shanghai Offers Green Cards, Hukous to Boost Innovation

New rules to promote local innovation in Shanghai, which has nearly 15 percent of China’s total foreign investment, may provide new tools for US companies to attract foreign and local talent. The municipality’s new 22 Measures, released on May 27, include new guidelines to ease the residency permit application process for key talent and increase the maximum work period for qualified technical experts.



S&ED Expected to Tackle Financial Reform, Investment, Innovation

With President Xi Jinping scheduled to visit the United States in the fall, the pace is picking up for bilateral economic talks. Having completed two rounds of negotiations in Beijing during the past month and additional discussions in Washington, Chinese and American government officials are actively preparing for the seventh annual Strategic & Economic Dialogue (S&ED), set to take place in Washington, DC, in late June.


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