Next wave of tariffs related to Section 301 on the horizon

The Trump administration’s Section 301 case on China’s intellectual property rights (IPR) and technology transfer policies appears to be headed for additional escalation, with a second phase of tariffs expected to be implemented by early September and no indication that the two governments are seeking a negotiated solution.


US-China Trade Talks End with No Resolution and Next Steps Uncertain

Trade talks between the US and China ended today in Beijing with each side apparently staking out positions the other side is unlikely to meet. An optimistic interpretation is that the two sides have laid out opening positions and set up a process for negotiations to resolve trade tensions. However, two documents are circulating that USCBC sources say accurately reflect positions presented by each side; if so, the gap to be overcome is wide.



Assessing Vulnerability to Retaliation Amid US-China Trade Tension

With escalating threats of tariffs and other retaliatory measures from both the US and Chinese sides, many analysts say the two countries are on the brink of a trade war. Both have released long lists of potential tariffs, which may not be implemented if the two sides can reach a negotiated settlement. Or, the tariff lists could be whittled down following a public comment period and only partially implemented.


USCBC’s 37th Annual Forecast Event: US-China Trade in 2018

The US-China Business Council’s annual Forecast on January 30, 2018, brought experts and policymakers to discuss the year ahead. The half-day program featured comprehensive projections for the Chinese business and political environment in the year Forecast, as well as developments in US trade policy.


China, the US and the WTO--Role Reversal in the International Trade Arena?

Recent statements by China and the United States suggest the two countries may be viewed as swapping places as the global leader on free trade policies, but the actions that both sides take in the coming months will provide the best assessment about the roles each government intends to play.



US, China Announce Initial Progress in Trade Negotiations

The Trump administration announced early this morning that it had reached agreement with the Chinese government on resolving several irritants in the US-China commercial relationship. The outcomes were reached roughly a third of the way into the 100-day period designated by Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping in their summit last month to bring greater balance in the commercial relationship.


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