USCBC Holds Commercial Health Insurance Forum in Beijing

CCPIT Vice Chairman Zhang Shaogang and USCBC President Craig Allen


On March 29, the 2023 Health Economy Business Forum was held in Beijing. Jointly organized by the US-China Business Council (USCBC) and the China Chamber of International Commerce (CCOIC), the business-to-business forum provided an opportunity for healthcare experts and industry players to exchange ideas and insights on the current state of commercial health insurance (CHI) policies, emerging innovations in the market, and schemes and services that aim to improve the quality and coverage of medical care.


USCBC President Craig Allen and CCPIT Vice Chairman Zhang Shaogang attended and delivered keynote remarks. Panel speakers included representatives from USCBC and CCOIC members companies and other industry experts.


This year’s forum is the third iteration of the business-to-business dialogue, building upon previous discussions from USCBC and CCOIC companies on advancing the high-quality development of the healthcare industry in China. Multinational companies in the biopharmaceutical and medical technology sectors had the chance to directly engage with Chinese health insurance companies and medical service platforms.


During the forum, businesses and academic experts engaged in constructive discussions on various topics related to CHI, including policy direction, emerging solutions and innovations, and people-centered health services. Attendees shared their experiences and insights, as well as valuable feedback on how to shape commercial health policy, product design, cross-industry collaboration, and public awareness and advocacy.


This year also brought government healthcare stakeholders in an observing role, allowing the speakers to directly share their perspectives with regulators and policy influencers. The ability for US and Chinese businesses to constructively engage with each other along with government stakeholders highlights the efforts of USCBC and CCOIC to promote in-depth bilateral commercial ties.


The forum's success demonstrated the enthusiasm and potential for cross-industry collaboration, the importance of shaping policies that incentivize improved patient-centered services for China’s long-term healthcare development, and the willingness of US and Chinese businesses to foster deeper coordination and cooperation in areas of mutual interest.