Baucus Formally Nominated to be US Ambassador to China

Erin Ennis

The Obama administration today formally nominated Senator Max Baucus (D, MT) to be the next US Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China. Once confirmed, Baucus will succeed Ambassador Gary Locke, who has served in the position since 2011.
Baucus has been actively engaged on trade issues during his three decades in the Senate, particularly in his role as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and has traveled eight times to China to discuss trade and commercial issues. He has been a vocal advocate for Montana beef exports to that market, but has also promoted other US business issues in China.
The US-China Business Council announced its support for Baucus in December 2013 when his nomination was announced by the White House, and noted that he “will have a unique ability to explain the views and role of the US Congress to the Chinese government. This will be a critical asset as the US government engages in important Bilateral Investment Treaty negotiations with China that will ultimately require Senate approval for implementation.”