Washington Update

August 24th, 2018
By Angela Deng

US-China talks give little indication of a resolution of the trade conflict

The US and China ended two days of meetings this week with no immediate signs of progress in resolving their trade disputes, but USCBC sources indicate it was a constructive exchange of views and may lay the groundwork for future progress on some areas of disagreement. At this stage, however, it is highly probable that the United...

August 13th, 2018
By Angela Deng

US and China finalize tariffs on $16 billion of goods; more tariffs on the horizon while talks are pushed back by the administration

On Wednesday, the United States and China finalized their lists of $16 billion worth of goods on which they will impose 25 percent tariffs against each other starting August 23. Once the tariffs on the $16 billion of goods go into effect, the US and China will have imposed tariffs on a total of $50 billion of goods from each side. The United States...