May 2017 Association Letter on Cybersecurity Law Implementation

As the June 1 implementation date of the Cybersecurity Law approaches, our organizations are writing to remind you of our significant concerns about various aspects of the law and to request a delay in its entry into force.

Our organizations represent companies across a wide range of industries, with deep, long-standing commercial ties with China. We appreciate the Chinese government acknowledgment of international industry groups’ concerns regarding China’s Cybersecurity Law and related pending cybersecurity regulations and measures – including in sector-specific measures – as expressed in our letter to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on August 10, 2016 and in our letter to your Leading Group on November 11, 2016.  

Our members are steadfast in their commitment to work with the Chinese government to find solutions that not only support China’s security, economic, and social goals but also address the legitimate concerns of international industry. However, we are deeply concerned that current and pending security-related rules will effectively erect trade barriers along national boundaries that effectively bar participation in your market and affect companies across industry sectors that rely on information technology goods and services to conduct business. China’s current course risks compromising its legitimate security objectives (and may even weaken security) while burdening industry and undermining the foundation of China’s relations with its commercial partners. Indeed, our organizations remain concerned that China’s current approach is leading to greater separation rather than integration among our economies. Further, at a time of significant political and social change globally, we are concerned such policies may exacerbate troubling trends in markets around the world that move China away from cooperative trade and the benefits of global trade.  

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