Lipei Zhang

Vice President, Beijing Office
US-China Business Council


Zhang Lipei is the Vice President at US-China Business Council (USCBC) and leads the overall operation of the Beijing Representative Office. She and her team provide timely services to the American business community with about 280 member companies, including public policy, government affairs, public relations, and events management in the context of US-China relations, business environment, and industrial development.
With over 13 years of best practice in public policy and government affairs including 9 years of services at USCBC, she provides consultants to MNCs with China insight and multicultural background. She also designs government affairs strategies to drive and support USCBC advocacy initiatives through extensive engagements with the Chinese government, research institutions, think tanks, and academics at both the central and local levels to provide constructive policy recommendations and case studies to promote a better business environment and stabilized bilateral commercial relations. Before she joined USCBC in 2015, she worked on EU-China relations as a project manager at the largest EU-funded project (EU-China Trade Project II with 25,000,000 euros for five years) to design and implement capacity building and exchange programs for central and provincial Chinese governments, referencing European best practices and policy regulatory frameworks. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from John Molson School of Business (JMSB), Concordia University in Canada.

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