USCBC Statement on USTR’s Section 301 Announcement 

WASHINGTON, DC—May 14, 2024—The US-China Business Council (USCBC), a private, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of 270 American companies that do business in China, expressed disappointment in the results of the Office of the US Trade Representative’s (USTR) four-year Section 301 investigation announced today.  

“While today’s announcement was not unexpected, we are disappointed with the outcome because maintenance of the prior tariffs—with no reductions—and imposition of additional tariffs ultimately make it harder for American companies to compete in the US and abroad, cost American jobs, and increase prices for US manufacturers and consumers during a time of ongoing inflation,” USCBC President Craig Allen said. “As USCBC requested in our public comments, we appreciate USTR’s creation of a tariff exclusion process so that US companies can request needed and common-sense relief, but its scope appears narrow. We look forward to participating in the public comment process on USTR’s actions to develop the most constructive outcome possible for our members and the US economy overall.” 

In January 2023, USCBC submitted formal comments as part of USTR’s review process. The Council has long advocated for the US government to coordinate its unilateral efforts with like-minded countries and supports efforts to strategically identify and address unfair Chinese economic practices that harm US companies and their ability to do business in China.  

“USCBC understands that USTR is seeking to be more strategic with the new tariffs, but given that the prior tariffs have not sufficiently addressed US government and USCBC concerns about China’s unfair market practices, it is unclear how continuing those and piling more tariffs on will be any more effective,” Allen said. “Additionally, levying new tariffs invites retaliation from China, which combined could further disadvantage US companies selling goods and services in China’s market compared to their foreign competitors.”  

Established in 1973, USCBC represents many of the world’s largest brands doing business in China and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.  

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Editor's note: A copy of the White House fact sheet on USTR's action is available here.