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The US-China Business Council (USCBC) provides its member companies with a wide array of business-focused information, advocacy, and advisory services on both policy and operating issues. Membership is company-wide, allowing all employees to benefit from USCBC services.

Advocacy in the US & China

USCBC has always played an important role in US policy debates and fought for stable and expanded US-China economic links. American companies look to USCBC to be their collective voice on key policy issues and to provide US and PRC officials with definitive information and positions on American business interests with China. USCBC's many policy-related initiatives include:

  • Policy statements that provide US and PRC government officials with responsible, accurate, and persuasive arguments on critical policy concerns;
  • Support for the activities and objectives of US businesses in China through congressional testimony, media interaction, and engagement with the PRC government, including visits to China by USCBC's board of directors for high-level advocacy meetings; and
  • Sustained efforts to inform members of Congress and congressional staff of US commercial interests in China.

Business Advisory Services

USCBC staff in Washington, DC, Beijing, and Shanghai respond swiftly to member company requests on nearly any China-related subject. Key business advisory services include:

  • Providing advice on operating issues, best practices, and investment strategies;
  • Working with members one-on-one to answer company-specific questions;
  • Briefings for US- and China-based executives; and
  • Analysis of market, regulatory, and policy changes that affect US companies doing business with China.

Meetings & Conferences

Through its many membership programs in the US and China, USCBC offers executives from member firms numerous opportunities to engage with US and PRC officials, private-sector specialists, and fellow executives. Member companies are invited to participate in:

  • Four major annual conferencestwo in the United States and two in China;
  • Monthly policy-oriented issues luncheons in Washington, DC, Beijing, and Shanghai;
  • Meetings with government delegations visiting China or the United States; and
  • Issue-specific roundtable discussions coordinated by each of USCBC's three offices.

Essential Publications

USCBC's regular publications and special reports provide the American business community with leading information and analysis on China's trade and investment environment and on key political issues on both sides of the Pacific that directly affect US business operations. Member companies receive

  • China Market Intelligence, a biweekly members-only newsletter covering breaking developments and analysis;
  • Washington Update, an newsletter on US political and legislative developments affecting trade with China;
  • Special reports, which have covered such topics as intellectual property rights protection, operating best practices, and human resources developments in China.

Annual Dues

Parent Company   Professional Services Firms*   Venture Capital Firms & Private Equity Firms  
Sales/Gross revenue (whichever is higher) Annual Dues Number of professionals Annual Dues Funds under management Annual Dues
$50 billion or more


500 or more professionals worldwide


$500 million or more of funds under management

$20 billion to $49.999


10 to 500 professionals worldwide


Less than $500 million of funds under management

$5 billion to $19.999 billion


Fewer than 10 professionals worldwide


$1 billion to $4.999 billion



$500 million to $999 million



$50 million to $499 million



Less than $50 million



*Principally legal/accounting/consulting services firms

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