USCBC Industry Updates

Keeping you up to date with the latest from your industry

USCBC staff carefully track developments in a range of industries for changes in regulation, updates to legal protections, and general news. Read the latest in your company's field here.

Agriculture and Food Safety

Our ag beat covers agricultural trade between the United States and China, rules and regulations about agricultural products, and important updates on food safety regulations, among other topics. Read More


Belt and Road Initiative

As China invests in infrastructure in foreign markets through the BRI, we track major project developments and setbacks, US and international responses to the initiative, and how domestic Chinese policy affects investment abroad. Read More



The world moves through ecommerce logistics and infrastructure, and our managers keep a close eye on emerging enforcement practices, quality control measures, and other new regulations in the industry. Read More


Energy and Environment

China's energy needs are significant, and the country has pledged to increase environmental sustainability. Our team covers impacts on the energy industry and the progress of environmental sustainability efforts in China. Read More


Financial Services

Our managers track the opening of China's financial markets to foreign companies, new regulations for financial tech firms, and developments for foreign insurance companies. Read More



Especially in a world shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare is a critical sector. Our analysts track updates to the pharmaceutical industry, and China's regulations governing medical devices and vaccines, among others. Read More


Information and Communications Technology

From developments in 5G to concerns about dual-use application for high tech products, the ICT sector is central in the US-China economic relationship. We track rules and regulations on ICT products, internet regulation, and AI. Read More


Intellectual Property Rights

Company IP is often a firm's most valuable asset. Our staff track updates on how IP is protected in China, be it through commitments in the Phase One deal or in a range of other regulatory and legal developments. Read More


Media, Publishing, and Entertainment

Our managers track updates to rules for television broadcasting, online news products, and a range of entertainment areas. Read More


Industrial Policy and Standards

Our managers track China’s efforts to promote the growth of specific, targeted sectors and to shape the rules of the road in a range of industries.  Read More



With almost all of the world's goods moving by truck, train, ship, or plane, transportation laws and regulations are important for many businesses. We track updates in the automative, aviation, and shipping fields.  Read More