Food Safety in China: What US Companies are Bringing to the Table
In 2016, USCBC conducted more than 40 interviews in China and the United States with its member companies, Chinese and US government officials, and other stakeholders in China’s food industry about approaches to mitigating food safety risks, best practices for engaging with the public and private sectors, and the surrounding policy and regulatory environment. The interviews included professionals in farming, processing, packaging, retail, food service, and ecommerce industries.
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USCBC Hosts Third Annual Food Safety Seminar
On Tuesday, November 22, USCBC hosted the third annual food safety seminar on the margins of the JCCT, along with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and the US-China Agriculture and Food Partnership (AFP). The 2016 seminar focused on: strengthening consumer protection and enhancing public confidence in the supply chain; transparency and implementation of food safety regulations; and international best practices on preventing and responding to food safety incidents.
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USCBC hosts Reception in Honor of the 2016 US-China JCCT
On Monday, November 21, USCBC and the US Chamber of Commerce held a reception and small dinner in honor of the 2016 U.S.- China JCCT. The reception and dinner was attended by Vice Premier Wang Yang and his delegation and also joined by Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, US Trade Representative Michael Froman, USCBC Chair Mark Fields, and other member company representatives.
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