US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz Talks US-China Energy Commitments
US Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz spoke on energy commitments made at the Obama-Xi Summit last November, how US companies can help China meet its energy challenges, and the role new technology will play in it all.
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2015 China Regulatory Transparency Scorecard
Regulatory transparency—the openness of government decision-making, the public availability of information, and the solicitation of broad public feedback during the drafting of new laws and regulations—remains a top concern of USCBC member companies operating in China. In USCBC’s 2014 annual membership survey, transparency ranked as the number eight business challenge.
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Finalized Catalogue Guiding Foreign Investment in Industry Falls Short
Compared with the most recent version of the Catalogue Guiding Foreign Investment in Industry in 2011, the update released March 13 takes steps to reduce the number of restricted investment categories from 79 to 38, but the US-China Business Council’s analysis indicates that the final version did not address most of the ownership restrictions important to USCBC members. Several restrictions that were removed in the November 2014 draft were reinstated, and some of the new revisions appear to be more restrictive to foreign investors.
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