Invest in the US 2017 Analysis
While Chinese investment in US companies in 2017 suffered a 35 percent decline from 2016, and a 90 percent decline in new investment, 2017 remains the second-largest year for Chinese FDI in the US. In this report, USCBC analyzes the investment trends leading to the decline, and updates China’s list of sensitive investment areas.
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Communist Party Groups in Foreign Companies
Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials are increasingly calling on companies to support the creation of party organizations among their employees. The potential for party groups to influence corporate decision making has raised concern among some US company executives: What are foreign companies obligated to do, and how should companies respond to requests to establish party organizations in their China subsidiaries?
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Forecast 2018 Recap
The US-China Business Council’s annual Forecast on January 30, 2018, brought experts and policymakers to discuss the year ahead. The half-day program featured comprehensive projections for the Chinese business and political environment in the year Forecast, as well as developments in US trade policy.
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