Trade Facts: The US Trade Deficit With China
Confused about the US trade deficit? Here's a graphic that provides context to better understand the U.S. trade deficit with China. Check out the full, one-page fact sheet and look for others to come.
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Talk Top Issues with Executives, Experts at our Annual Meeting
Please join us for USCBC's 43rd Annual Membership Meeting, the leading forum for strategic intelligence and insight on US-China commercial relations. From the latest investment and operating developments in China to evolving US and PRC policy priorities, the conference features business-focused analysis of the top issues confronting company executives and policy experts. An early registration discount is available for a limited time, so register today!
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Is China a “Market Economy”? It doesn’t matter.
The key to the current discussion is in what comes next. Many have argued over whether China meets the criteria under U.S. law to be treated as a market economy. A closer reading of China’s WTO accession protocol reveals that this question is irrelevant. The language in the protocol does not require the U.S. to name China as a market economy in December; it simply requires ending the use of the NME methodology – an important distinction that suggests a path forward.
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