USCBC Holds its Shanghai China Operations Conference 2018
USCBC President Craig Allen speaks at Shanghai CHOPs 2018
The US-China Business Council finished up a great CHOPs program at the grounds of the China International Import Expo! The program featured remarks from USCBC President Craig Allen and panels moderated by Director of Business Advisory Services Anna Ashton and Vice President of China Operations Jake Parker.
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USCBC Board Completes Successful Trip to China
USCBC Board Chair Evan Greenberg (r) meets Tu Guangshao, Vice Chairman and President of CIC
Delegates met with Chinese government officials, company CEOs, and top academics to discuss the bilateral trade relationship between the two countries. Delegates stressed that the slow pace of reform implementation is undermining confidence and leaving the American business community uncertain about policy direction. The group also delivered recommendations for de-escalating tensions and arriving at results-oriented reforms in China that would lead to significant and commercially meaningful opportunities for both countries.
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USCBC Statement on New US and Chinese Tariffs
"It is time to bring this dispute to an end. Both the US and Chinese governments should suspend the tariffs they have put in place and do the hard work of negotiating a solution to the legitimate issues raised in the United States' investigation of China's intellectual property and technology transfer policies. As we have stated at each point of escalation in this dispute, the US-China Business Council opposes the use of tariffs to address those issues. The longer the tariffs are in place, the more damage is done to both the US and Chinese economies."
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