China Economic Reform Scorecard - February 2015
USCBC is rolling out a Reform Scorecard on a quarterly basis to assess the actual impact of China’s reforms on foreign company concerns. The scorecard is divided into categories based on key themes for reform, such as the role of the state and the market, foreign investment, institutional reform, and others. The report assesses the impact of reform policies, both individually and as a whole. In this second assessment, China’s economic reform policies to date have had a limited impact on American company operations.
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USCBC 2015 Board of Directors' Statement of Priorities
Progress in the bilateral commercial relationship continues to be incremental. American companies welcome China’s ambitious reform direction, but have yet to see tangible impact on many areas of concern. We encourage both governments to develop a broader, long-term strategic vision of the bilateral economic and commercial relationship. Both governments should pursue an economic liberalization framework that would comprehensively address opportunities and challenges in the relationship, rather than approach them incrementally. USCBC calls upon the US and Chinese governments to work together on the priority recommendations and issues in this year's statement.
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New Visa Rules Facilitate Short-term, not Long-term, Visits
The US-China Business Council prioritized changes to the US and Chinese visa systems to facilitate business and strengthen bilateral ties in its advocacy work this year. The latest move fulfills USCBC’s Board of Directors' call for reciprocal, multiple-entry visas for business travelers. While the development is a strong step toward facilitating business, there are still some aspects of the new policy that remain unclear.
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