USCBC Submission on Section 301 List 4
In short: the Administration has identified the right issues that need to be addressed with China, which has led to some progress while negotiations have been underway. The imposition of a final round of tariffs on the equivalent of all remaining imports, however, will halt additional progress and undermine the gains that American companies would make in China, to the benefit of other foreign companies doing business in the market. The tariffs would also harm American consumers and damage American companies’ overall competitiveness due to the higher costs that will be associated with American-made products. To this end, we urge the Administration to not implement tariffs on this final proposed list of products.
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US-China Business Council Elects New Board Members
The US-China Business Council (USCBC) announced the election of officers and board members, including Evan Greenberg, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chubb, to a second term as USCBC board chair.
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Cybersecurity regulation, Section 301, and Craig Allen's China trip
This week, we chat with Jake Parker in Beijing to get an update on a range of issues. Up first, a spate of drafts are available for comments on cybersecurity and personal information transfer and you can find links below. Up next, USCBC’s Senior Vice President Erin Ennis will be testifying on the fourth list of Section 301 tariffs and you can find her testimony below. Last but not least, we get an update on USCBC President Craig Allen’s upcoming trip to China.
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