5 Things To Know About China's Nonmarket Economy Status
A provision in China’s WTO accession agreement allows other WTO member countries to use special tariff calculations, known in the US as nonmarket economy calculations, in China cases—for 15 years. As a result, the US could use a formula to determine the value of antidumping tariffs to apply to Chinese goods sold at unfairly low prices. That provision expires December 11, 2016. Here are the five things you need to know about China’s nonmarket economy status and what needs to happen this December.
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Technology Security and IT in China: Benchmarking and Best Practices.
To shed light on policy concerns and operating best practices in China’s data management and information technology (IT) regulatory framework, the US-China Business Council (USCBC), in cooperation with the China CIO Alliance (CCA), interviewed China-based chief information officers (CIOs), chief technology officers, and China or regional IT directors of more than 40 multinational companies in sectors including industrial equipment, chemical manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, financial services, retail, and other services.
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USCBC Gala 2016
We invite you to join the US-China Business Council (USCBC) for our 2016 Gala in Washington, DC. The event will also recognize USCBC and its membership’s history of leadership, achievements, and partnerships in support of an expanded US-China commercial relationship. The Gala continues to be an important fundraising effort that strengthens USCBC's ability to serve its member companies.
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