Treasury Labels China a Currency Manipulator
On Monday, August 5, the Treasury Department officially labeled China a currency manipulator. Though frequently threatened in political election cycles, this is the first time the designation has been imposed since China, South Korea, and Taiwan were cited in 1994 by the Clinton administration. The designation is mostly symbolic, as many of the actions taken by the Trump administration to date, such as implementation of tariffs, go beyond the remediation actions enumerated in US law.
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Craig Allen testifies on China's health and medical sector
USCBC President Craig Allen testified before the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission on July 31, presenting on the risks and opportunities for US business in China's health and medical sector.
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What is 5G and why does it matter for the US and China?
Media narratives about 5G are often couched in the language of a race, or clouded by concerns of national security. But what exactly is 5G? To understand the terms of the debate we spoke with Naomi Wilson. Naomi is the Senior Director of Policy for Asia at the Information Technology Industry Council, a global advocacy and policy organization for companies in the innovation and technology space.
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