USCBC Statement on the Biden Administration's China Policy


Contact in Washington, DC:
Doug Barry ([email protected]; +1-202-429-0340)

Contact in Beijing:
Matt Margulies ([email protected]; +86-10-6512-5854)
WASHINGTON, DC—May 26, 2022—The US-China Business Council appreciates the Biden administration’s articulation of its policy toward China, our third-largest trade partner. 

“We warmly welcome Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s speech about the administration’s China policy, including his emphasis on diplomacy, his call for a level playing field, and his position that the lack of reciprocity in market access is unacceptable,” said USCBC President Craig Allen. “We also firmly support his call to engage with China constructively wherever the United States can, to strengthen US competitiveness, and to partner with countries on economic issues of common interest. This approach should include more trade dialogues and negotiations with a view to improving market access in China and removing US and Chinese tariffs which will benefit the US economy and support job growth.” 

“Getting US policy toward China right is critical for achieving all US priorities in the Indo-Pacific region and globally, which includes important economic, foreign policy, and national security considerations,” added Allen. “The pursuit of national security and foreign policy objectives must be paired with a US economic policy that allows US businesses to compete and win globally, or we will be less secure in the long run.” 

A more level playing field with greater US access to China’s market will create additional American jobs and ensure our companies remain leaders in US and international markets. 

“A US strategy needs to include substantive and results-oriented dialogues between the US and Chinese governments, including ones that address market-distorting policies in China. At the present moment, one which Blinken called ‘a charged moment for the world,’ efforts by both governments to work through differences and advance common interests are more important than ever,” added Allen. 

USCBC and its member companies look forward to working with the Biden administration as it further builds out and implements its China strategy.