Chinese Government

Due to the government restructuring plan and new personnel appointments resulting from the March 2018 National People’s Congress, many of these charts are currently out of date. See a chart from the NPC Observer detailing key structure changes here. Please check back for further updates to our resources.

China's leadership, as well as the functions, responsibilities and contact information for China's central government agencies and departments. Government agencies refer to the offices under the State Council, China's cabinet, and the National People's Congress (NPC), China's legislative body. This section does not directly address the structure of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), though the party does exercise significant authority over government policies. Click here for a detailed description of the PRC leadership structure.

Government Leadership

Developments related to PRC government leaders and personnel; biographies and official responsibilities.


PRC Agencies

Ministries and commissions of the State Council, other government offices that report directly to the State Council, and independent offices that report directly to specific ministry-level offices. The State Council is the chief administrative authority of China. It is chaired by the premier and includes the heads of each governmental department and agency.


Key Agency Org Charts

Staff charts detailing specific departmental responsibilities within key agencies, and listing the personnel at chair and vice-chair level.


Agency Work Plans and Priorities

Work plans of select government agencies and key organizations summarizing their official priorities.