China in International Standards Setting


Standards serve as the building blocks for product development and help ensure functionality, interoperability, and safety. Amid trends in both the United States and China that are pulling apart technology supply chains, standards are the glue that make technology compatible between both countries and the rest of the world.

But the landscape for standards setting is complex. Countries set their own standards through a variety of processes, and they also send stakeholders from government, industry, and academia to international standards-setting organizations (SSOs). Countries should also strive to adopt international standards in their domestic systems.

China's increasing role in international standards setting has brought immense value to SSOs. At the same time, with greater prominence comes increased responsibility. Collaboration between the US and Chinese governments, together with international SSOs, will facilitate China’s participation in ways that mitigate the potential distortions it may bring.

As China continues to play an increasingly prominent role, the US-China Business Council (USCBC) interviewed representatives from over 30 member companies and other stakeholders to better understand the challenges arising in this changing landscape and recommend constructive solutions.


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